Mallows with Grass and Green

2015 - 2016, oil, old photos, and thread on canvas, 20"h x 20"w $600 


The original painting I worked on over a week in the summer of 2015. Then I added photos by sewing directly into the canvas this past summer. The photos I'm drawing from for all of these projects were such a gift- my friends gave me this treasure - a stack of old photos taken by their grandfather fifty or more years ago. He had an eye I appreciate!


Some of the photos are tiny, just 1.5" squares - others are regular photo size. The subjects are fascinating ... shots of just water, kittens playing, a hippo stretching its mouth wide, shot after shot of the same woman, eating breakfast or posing like a fashion plate. (So thanks again for the photos, Josh and Marta! I will be drawing from them for years!)


I think that the addition of the photos adds a layer of mystery to the paintings - both visually and in the meaning. There is a belief that when we die, our memories and the knowledge of our physical bodies are absorbed by the earth. Maybe if we could see this process - this is what it would look like.

Margaret Shipman  | Southern Vermont | | (802) 451-0332

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