Memory of a Spring Meadow

oil, photos, wallpaper, fabric, thread on canvas, 2016, 39.5"h x 55"w, $1,500

Thinking that moving into my new painting studio was right around the corner, I dismantled my temporary studio in a corner of our kitchen right after completing this painting in March 2016. This is part of a technique I'm experimenting with - I'm sewing found photos, bits of fabric, and other little treasures I find right into the painting. 

My new studio is being built in the newly remodeled attic of our 200+ year old farmhouse in southern Vermont. When we pulled the old insulation out of the attic, we found newspapers from World War II written in Polish, hand painted wallpaper, and lots of hand made iron nails. The paper has found its way into a few of my newer pieces.

This painting is very large compared to most of my work on canvas. It has a presence that is almost mural-like from a distance. Then when you approach it, the tiny details in the sewn in found objects are fun to explore. I love this painting - it is one of my all-time favorites. And ... good news - I'll be moving into my new studio in the next three weeks! So I can once again make more paintings!

This is a large painting and shipping is not included in the price. If you decide to buy it, we can discuss shipping options and make sure it arrives at your door safely.

Margaret Shipman  | Southern Vermont | | (802) 451-0332

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