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Print on Demand

I have a Wix website. Making a website with this company is really easy. While you can start with a template you are not stuck with it, as the software is so flexible that it allows for endless revisions. My website is now wildly different from the template I started with. It has a ton of features I don't even know how to use, but one part that I have taken advantage of is the "print on demand" function. (To visit the Print on Demand shop on my website - follow this link. )

How it works: a third party printer is tied into my site. After I upload high res images of my work, the company prints them according to the needs of customers.

Prints are created in a variety of sizes. They may be printed on paper, canvas, metal, or acrylic. There are multiple framing options - or they can just be made as a small photo print at 4" x 4" (for less than $3). The orders go directly through to the printing company and everything from printing and framing to shipping safely is handled by them.

I have also chosen to have my prints available as tote bags . . . I love that I can offer these other, very accessible ways to have my artwork.

Here are some fun that can be found on the print on demand page:

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