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Selling Large Originals on Etsy?

Ultimately I want to have my work where it will be seen by people who love nature, and are interested in herbalism, and wild plants. I want to be part of the conversation about land conservation and our history in relation to land and wild plants. But right now, I need to sell art and have an income.

I have decided to slowly add all of my work to my Etsy shop for sale. I had been thinking that this was not an ok thing to do for years. Why do I have this idea? I'm not sure. Maybe because a quick search of Etsy gives me results with art that I consider bad? I like to think I make good art so . . . maybe I'm a little snobby?

Even with the icky feeling - it makes sense to make it easy to buy my work. My other venues for selling are only two:

  1. a collective gallery where I have a small slice of wall among thirty other artists and

  2. four art festivals per year.

But it still feels wrong. Anyone out there with advice or a fresh perspective?

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