About my painting

The Earth is heartbreakingly generous. I like to walk around outside in the warm months with my Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide and try my hand at identifying what I find. When I return home with a list of names of wildflowers to Google, each and every one of the plants I research has multiple uses for treating ailments from insomnia to repelling insects to treating heart disease. 


Why is this the case? Why is the treatment for an ailment found near the problem - as with Poison Ivy and (its treatment) Jewel Weed often growing right beside it? In my view it is because this wonderful biosphere that birthed us cares for us too. The things we need to thrive are all around us, if only we know how to see and use them. It is my exploration of this truth that I want to communicate with my artwork.

Margaret Shipman CV



Vermont Winter Vacation Guide 2017, Love Where you Live


The Commons, February 24, 2016, Drawing a Crowd, Richard Henke


The Commons, February 10, 2016, Shipman Paintings on Display at Amy's


Southern Vermont Art & Living, Winter 2013 - 2014, The Art/Life Balance, Arlene Distler



Margaret Shipman  | Southern Vermont |  two.turtles.art@gmail.com | (802) 451-0332

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