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We are collective of artisans who have joined together to market and sell our work as a group.
We are interested in honoring the earth with our art, craft, and offerings to our customers. 

This page is our temporary home until we build our own website.

Below find information about our current members and what we are creating. 

Thank you for your interest!

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Stacy Salpietro-Babb
Tarot Readings, Classes, and More

My name is Stacy, and I am a Village Witch.

I read Tarot cards, cast Astrology charts, and teach Witchcraft and Divination. I also create Potions, Charms and Magical Powders; and I help people to cast spells and to grow their own craft.

I have been practicing Witchcraft since the late 1990's. When I am not reading cards, I can be found volunteering with Birds of Prey and Corvids at the Southern VT Natural History Museum.

Jackie Favorite

Necklaces, Stickers, Witchy Goods

Jackie skillfully crafts mesmerizing wood and glass art during her moments of respite from traversing the globe, embarking on thrilling kayaking expeditions, or immersing herself in the captivating realms of nature.

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Dennis Linnell

Spirit Boards, Pendulum Boards, Pendulums, and Crystals

Dennis splits his time between operating his cleaning and property management business, collecting art and antiques, homesteading his land in New Hampshire, and selling beautiful esoteric goods. 

Margaret Shipman

Oil Paintings - the Folklore of Wildflowers

I am very interested in the folklore and medicine of wildflowers, the history and spirituality of the land, and in creating art that is full of both beauty and meaning. Living in Vermont, my paintings focus on the wildflowers around me - Dandelions, Violets, Day-lilies, Queen Anne's Lace, Goldenrod, Aster, and so many more. I add details about the plants' stories and place in the lives of our ancestors in the form of collaged text, photos, fabric, and maps. I hope that looking at my paintings is like a conversation with old friends who you are getting to know more deeply. 


I sell original paintings as well as prints, greeting cards, pendants (with mini prints of my paintings), and moon calendars. 

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Wayfarer Tarot

A Modern Spin on an Ancient Oracle

Stacy and Margaret collaborated to create a Tarot deck that is great for beginners or experienced Tarot practitioners.

They are currently at work on their second deck which takes inspiration from the natural world of Vermont and New England.

Follow along as they create a new deck or purchase the original at their website. 

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