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This unique piece of furniture is a collaboration with Jason Breen, a master woodworker in Brattleboro, Vermont. This piece was part of the exhibit, "Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers: Evolving Traditions" at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center (2022).


Jason's Statement -- Several years ago at the Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center, a beloved apple tree fell down due to an overabundance of fruit.  Fearing the large tree would be cut into firewood, I asked if I could take the wood to create something beautiful, maybe to help raise funds for the center. When BMAC approached the Guild, I knew this was the time to use the wood.


The base and frames are all wood from this apple tree. The dome, envisioned as half globe - half sorcerer's orb, is spalted maple - sugar maple that has begun to rot.  The black lines are like boundaries set up by fungal communities as they colonize the wood. These have always seemed like lines on a map to me, thus its inclusion here.  However, my work has increasingly incorporated lesser-known woods and waste products. Spalted maple and apple have been used in limited amounts over the years.  However, these are not generally commercially available. 

In thinking about how to collaborate, I was looking into artists whose work also called attention to the Earth and nature. Margaret's recent paintings featured the herbs and plants of the seasons in Mandala-like arrangements, as well as the close-ups of flowers in the field, suggested the circle of the year motif divided into the eight corners of the year : Solstice, Equinox, and the midways between each.  

This piece is available for purchase. For more information contact Jason Breen.

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