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April Catch-Up

I had such an amazing time at Paradise City Art Festival. I sold paintings! I talked to people about my art for three whole days! I talked to people who love nature and are fascinated by herbalism! I made money! Why wouldn't I schedule more of these?

So I have! I'm going to do at least two more art festivals this year:

I would like to apply to the Paradise City festivals happening in the fall and winter too I think. Maybe five big shows a year will be enough for me to make a living?

I have limited edition prints for sale at the moment. You can buy them from my Etsy shop ( Two are ready to go right now and one will be added soon.

I have a monthly newsletter that I use to keep in touch with people outside of social media (I don't completely trust that social media will always be there for me to let people know about my upcoming shows, etc). I have added a free gift in the form of a PDF printable download to each month's email. This month it is three printable pages to use to create your own garden journal.

To sign up to my newsletter and have your own free garden journal, follow this link: Then I'll forward you the latest newsletter with the link to the pages.

Happy spring my friends! I hope it is sunny and warm where you are! <3 Margaret

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