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Art Workshop, Saturday June 4th - Limited Space Available

Updated: May 24, 2022

Hello Friends, Please join me on a little creative adventure. First, some background. There is a beautiful parcel of land in Marlboro Vermont that is now under the stewardship of the Vermont Museum of Natural History.

The Museum is looking for activities to make the best use of the space -- which includes beautiful dappled woods, a pond full of birds and grasses, an ancient apple orchard, stone walls, and so much moss, ferny meadowland, mushrooms, birch trees -- sigh. It is basically everything we love about wild New England. One of the ideas the Museum had to use the land was to host an activity with an artist. My own mission is to connect to nature through making art and I also want to help other people to be creatively inspired by the wild land and plants around us. So, I am very happy to be involved!

More beautiful to me than a stained glass window in a cathedral, the leaves above us glow with sunlight.

How the day will work:

10:30am - a guided walk through the land for about an hour and a half with the director of the Vermont Museum of Natural History, Michael Clough and me. We will explore off trail with Mike as our guide. We will stop frequently to talk about what we find ask questions and work on our art projects. 12pm to 1:30pm - back at the building we will have a little tea party outside with herbal tea and local honey. (Feel free to bring yourself a bagged lunch if you want to!) Then we will sit down to our creative projects.

You will leave with a complementary sketchbook and pencil, the beginnings of your own new project to take a step on your own creative journey, a belly full of tea, and having had a wonderful morning in nature with like minded people. You can follow along and create a mandala drawing with me from the little treasures we find on the walk or choose from one of the other exercise options I'll explain to help get your creative juices flowing. Participants: - should be able to walk over moderately rough terrain - wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you are ok getting dirty - bring a blanket or outdoor chair - may bring snack/bagged lunch - have your own sunscreen and bug spray Workshop $50 limited scholarships available

Mike introduced me to this Dwarf Ginseng plant on our practice walk through these woods. A quick Google search informed me that, "Cherokee tribes used it to treat chest pain, headaches, hives, colic, gout, rheumatism, and liver ailments. The Iroquois are said to have used it for chest pains and as a sports medicine." (from This is always amazing to me - there is so much magic just like this little Ginseng all around us!

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