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Big Change for the Equinox

This is the week of the spring equinox -- a time of big changes. Here in southern Vermont it is mud season in my driveway. Daytime temperatures are reaching the 50's. Maple syrup is boiling in lots of backyards. The smell in the air has changed, it's earthy now.

My big personal change is that I left a great job that I have had for six years. My dream for a long time has been to be able to devote more time to making art. I'm now shocked and grateful that the time has finally come.

This week I'll finally have the chance to paint for five days in a row! This summer I plan on taking good care of my family, my house, my garden and hopefully making more and better art than ever before.

In the studio right now - almost done with the paintings for the major arcana for our next Wayfarer Tarot deck.

Coming up this summer - I'm teaching a series of workshops with the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum about making art in collaboration with nature.

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image: Ostara, 20" x 20" oil on canvas

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