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Learning How to Take My Own Art Images

I worked for years with a wonderful photographer. About twice a year I loaded up my paintings in the back of the mini van and dropped them off for him to photograph and send me images. It was a good system, his prices were reasonable, and I loved chatting with him and catching up. In the last year or so he became more busy, less interested in taking pictures of paintings, and harder to schedule time with. I talked to other photographers, but the cost was prohibitively high.

I just need raw images, since I already do image editing myself. So I made the leap to purchase a camera good enough to take high res pictures with the true color of the photos. I sent a link of the camera recommended by a friend (a Cannon Rebel T7) to my husband so that it could be my "Christmas present".

Learning the tricks of how to use it with a combination of Youtube and the little guidebook is going more smoothly than I had expected. So it is time to put it to the test!

Today was a perfectly grey morning, so I lugged the biggest painting outside and leaned it up in front of the house. I took the wonky, but beautifully colored photo included here.

I use Pixelmator for my photo editing, and I cleaned it up enough that I have an image I can

use for prints and for my website and social media. This is Old Guilford Road (48" x 48"). I took images of the others I could find and posted them immediately.

The difference between this camera and the camera on my phone is exactly what I needed- the color is more true and details are captured. I'm really happy.

I also love that I can take a picture now as soon as a painting is finished, rather than waiting until I have enough to warrant taking a bunch of paintings on a car trip somewhere. I can be more self-sufficient and learn new skills. Maybe I'll even take some photography classes and try appreciating more that the camera can do.

To see the photos I took today see Old Guilford Road, Old Guilford Road III, Cornfield in Western NY, Northfield Field, Pink House on Plum Island, and the Mabon at 12" x 12" in my portfolio, Instagram, or Facebook.

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