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Spring Energy!

Spring cleaning also means taking care of loose ends like making better photos of paintings that I am trying to sell.

I recently read in one of the art marketing accounts I follow that having photos of paintings on site is a better way to show them when you are trying to sell. So I looked to *my favorite* the Sundance Catalog for inspiration and tried to model my photos after theirs a little. I used books, cut flowers, my little ivy plant, candles, and rocks to set the scene on my mantles in two different rooms. I am happy with the results! To draw some attention to all the work I just did, I decided to have a sale and now all the various things in my Etsy shop are discounted by 20% for the month of May.

Other projects:

  • I created a vision board in my studio with my long term dream goals. I'll be adding to it as I figure out new dreams to add. (Right now it includes exhibiting in respected galleries and museums in New York City and Washington DC as well as attending amazing residencies in the U.S. and Europe. Fingers crossed!)

  • I'm putting the finishing touches on a group of paintings with the time of day part of the subject. I'm entering them for jury in a show I really hope to be a part of this summer. (Fingers crossed again!)

  • New materials to make more pendants are on the way. I hope to add them to my Etsy shop this week.

  • I'm going to complete a fun little series of 6" x 6" panel board paintings on the theme of the moon in the next couple of weeks.

  • Today is May 2, and yesterday I just finished up a wonderful day of celebration with friends. It included my first participation in a Maypole dance and was so full of fun that my cheeks are sore from smiling and my legs sore from dancing. What a great energy to start spring with!

With more time in the studio (and in my home - beautifying our spaces, cooking new recipes, gardening, and loving up my human and furry family members) I feel energized and optimistic for all that is to come.

~ Margaret

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