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A Gift for My Subscribers

I'm starting something new!

I keep a notebook - it's a binder of my notes on the plants in the wild and gardens around me which I add to as the year progresses. I include notes from the plants I painted, recipes I find, and practices I want to keep for the next year.

I just decided to start making pages that are beautifully designed to keep in my binder and make it more special.

Then the idea hit me to share those designed pages throughout the year with the people who subscribe to my newsletter as a gift for their support.

Creating these pages is going to be a challenge and a delight. It will help to keep my head on the world around me and is a way to express my gratitude to the people who care about my artwork.

The page I have started with is a recipe for making Pine Oil. I'll include a thumbnail here so you can see the basic idea.

I'm already thinking of ideas for the months ahead!

If you are already a subscriber to my newsletter, check your email because I just sent it. If not, then please sign up now and I'll forward the newsletter with links to the printable file right to you.

:) Happy Winter!

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