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Gift Certificates

I just added a listing for Gift Certificates to my Etsy shop. I think I broke the rules doing this - so I am hoping that they don't take it down. It seems like a great idea!

It works like this- someone pays for the gift certificate using Etsy

  • They immediately have a digital image of a generic Gift Certificate

  • I create a coupon code just for them in the amount that they request.

  • I customize a printable Gift Certificate with the amount, the recipient's name, and their own coupon code to use in the Etsy shop.

  • If they prefer to use it toward something in my studio sale then I will apply toward that purchase instead. Easy? I think it will work wonderfully and be an easy option to give my artwork as a gift when you aren't sure what the person you are buying for would want.

Please leave me a comment if you can think of a way to improve this system!

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