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New Work - and New Paintings too!

Twelve 24" oil paintings completed in the last year are in the grid above. Add to these twenty small paintings that I completed for the holiday buying season (as well as moon calendar designs, pendants, and greeting cards) and 2022 was a productive year. In the early spring of 2022 I stopped working a regular job and threw most of my energy and time into painting and trying to navigate the path to making an income that equals the pay of my last job.

Knowing where to put my marketing energy and placing the right art in the right places is hard and I'm learning as I go. A big jump foreword in 2023 is my commitment to sell my work in art festivals. The first of which is the Paradise City Art Festival in Marlborough Massachusetts (right outside of Boston) on March 17, 18, 19. I arrive to set up the show on the 16th with the booth I just built myself, experience working at trade shows and a few years in retail under my belt, and an immense amount of optimism and gratitude for being there.

My work for the year is understanding the business side of art better while continuing to make paintings that I am proud of and that communicate the wonder and beauty of our world.

Please wish me luck. I'll fill you in on how it goes! ~Margaret

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