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Signed Print Collection

I started making prints last year when I decided to try out participating in art fairs. Most of the advice to new artists I found online agreed that offering a few prints to round out a booth of original work was a good way to have something to offer at a lower price. I'm so happy that I did. Not only are they a good low price option, but I feel like I'm curating a little collection of work that displays well together.

In fact at my most recent art fair, which was the one year anniversary of my first art fair, I had several people find me to add to the prints they purchased last year.

Here are some facts about these prints:

  • They are printed at the Vermont Center for Photography by Joshua Farr, who has a discerning eye. I trust him to make the prints look clean and beautiful and he does a great job every time.

  • They are printed on archival bright white paper measuring 16" square. Though this isn't a standard size frame, it is common enough that I can find many options with a quick Google search.

  • The image is centered in the square and measures 12". With so much white space around each image, I suggest skipping the mat board.

  • I sign and number each print, up to 250. When I have made that many prints like this of one image there won't be any more.

  • As I continue making art that fits into this series I'll continue to offer prints.

  • For now, the price for them is an affordable $60 in person and $70 online (prints on my Etsy shop include $10 for packaging and shipping). To purchase in person, visit Harmony Collective in Brattleboro, VT or find me at an upcoming fair.

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