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Art Festival Days Away

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

It is a snowy day here in Vermont as I write to you. But I feel the woods waking up anyway.

There is a difference in the light and there is anticipation underlaying the energy outside, even if I have to stretch it a bit to feel it.

I am a few days away from participating in my first art festival with my work. I have been preparing for months with big and little projects. Yesterday I tweaked my back loading my heavy booth walls, table, fireplace mantel (you'll see!), and paintings into my mini-van before the snow started. Today I'm wrapped in a blanket wrapping up loose ends in the studio. With other commitments, it's my last day to get everything done before set-up day.

The reason I'm writing to you is to deliver the facts about this art festival. If you are in the Boston area I hope you can make it. It looks like its going to be wonderful - full of artists and craftspeople - and me!

In my booth I'm going to have sixteen full sized paintings (ten paintings that have never

been offered for sale before), four new mini paintings, and new limited edition 12" prints available for purchase, plus greeting cards and pendants.

I'll be sharing updates on social media with how the show is going and what cool art I see.

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