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Art Festival Season Starts

There are so many details to keep straight and important things I really shouldn't forget (square readers are rather important!). But I'm nearly ready to pack my van and zoom off to my first show of the 2024 season.

I have four or five shows per year, and those are nearly my only opportunities to make money and meet collectors. So when I started feeling sick last week I freaked out a little. Luckily, whatever it was (I suspect something from a tick bite) has diminished in severity. I feel 95% back to myself. But now I'm looking forward to next week when I can resume exercising again - something I have been neglecting this winter in favor of painting as much as possible everyday. Being sedentary has taken a toll and I'm finding my clothes are tighter, and my muscles weaker.

In any case starting back into art festivals is a big deal. If it goes well and I make some money, it means I can relax and take better care of myself. If it doesn't, it means I need to figure out an alternative way to sell my work.

I'll report back next week. Wish me luck!

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